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"A Season of Slay"

‘Tis the Season for holiday parties! It seems every year the get-togethers start earlier and earlier. Whether it’s with family, friends or coworkers now is the time for celebrations galore.

Sometimes, You just gotta stunt

I think, actually, I KNOW that I love December the most of all the months because it’s the most packed on my social calendar. I’m kind of boring the rest of the year but for 31 days I’m thrown into a dizzying whirlwind of pastries, potlucks, and parties that lasts from Black Friday to New Year’s Eve. My favorite part of the holiday season, besides all of the food,  is the number of times I get to really dress up and step out. The whole process makes me feel like a celebrity; rushing home from a long day at the office only to reemerge a few hours later at a party somewhere downtown, completely transformed in all my glittering finery. This what being Beyoncé must feel like…yup, I’ve decided.

(My girls and I: Holiday Soiree (clockwise l-r) 2014, 2016, & 2015) 

Now, I’m boujee (yes, you read that right) when it comes to functions. So if it’s a gala, dinner party or black tie affair count me in. Also, an open bar doesn’t hurt either. For the past 4 years, one of my favorite events to attend has been the annual Holiday Soirée downtown which is happening this weekend. I go every year with my two best girlfriends and we have a tradition that each year we go our outfits must have a coordinating color scheme. We call it our annual “Season of Slay” and it’s gotten more elaborate each year and we take plenty of pictures to commemorate the evening. Thus far we’ve done shades of red and white, navy blue mixed with silver, and green velvet with fur accents. It’s to the point that other yearly attendees have taken notice and eagerly await for us to show up to admire our attire. What can I say, we’re kind of a big deal.

I was particularly excited for this year’s Soirée theme; Great Gatsby in which we will be decked in shades of blush and cream with gold accents. The champagne was flowing and the jazz band blaring; it was a magical time.

But dressing for the holidays goes much further than putting on a nice suit; I aim to create an experience when I step out for a party. I consider the whole look from the way I decide to wear my hair, to the color of my jewelry, to the material the girl’s dresses are made of and if it compliments my blazer. It’s a time to be more flashy and adventurous as well. With all the twinkling lights and glittering decorations around, I aim to try out new fabrics and styles that match the tone of the season. Blazers and tops in deep velvet hues, shimmering sequins, and smooth satin are a few of my staples paired with simple black pants and loafers. It’s a funky yet sophisticated look that’s sure to turn heads in the right directions.

TIS' THE SEASON: My best friend Nicole and I at this year's Soirée

I finished off the month with a casino royale themed gala with my fraternity the week following the Soirée, as well as the Hip-Hop Nutcracker ballet downtown. By the time New Year's eve comes around I will be thoroughly tired and won't want to move. So I think my night will consist of drinking champagne with my dog on the couch and vibing out to some music

007: My good friend Dani (l), myself and my sister (r) at Kasino Night

Go Forth & Slay!

- Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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