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If you’re really paying attention, I wear a lot of the same pieces over and over again. I mean, that’s the point of clothes right, to wear them consistently?

I recently started reading this book called Worn Stories by Emily Spivack who is a New York based author and artist. What she did was ask different people to share their favorite item from their wardrobe and tell the story behind it. Some things were passed down from generations before, others were stolen from past lovers, and yet other items came into the persons possession by sheer accident. It’s so interesting because we rarely think about the stories and energies that our clothes collect as we wear them. Once they come off the rack and we put them on they become a part of our daily lives and our life story. The memories we create in them becomes a part of the life of the garment whether good, bad, painful, or beautiful.

We all have that special top, or that one pair of jeans that just looks right with everything. Favorite pieces are those that make you look good on the outside and feel even better on the inside. How did you get it? Did you buy it or was it a gift? What’s the first memory that is tied to it? I definitely have certain pieces that I have to wear at least a couple times a week: my favorite blue hat, a dope bag, and certain pieces of jewelry. Not only are they stylish but I have history in those pieces, and I hope to continue creating memories in them.

(Hats, bags, jumpsuits: just a few of my favorite things)


That’s what I want to share with you all over the next week. I’ll share my favorite pieces and tell the stories behind them, and I invite you all to do the same. Share your favorite fashion items and the story behind them on social media with the hashtag #My7Things

Are you ready? Here we go!

Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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