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#My7Things: Little Black Jumpsuit

My Little Black Jumpsuit

I bought my first jumpsuit 3 years ago. I was attending Beyoncé’s Formation Tour. It was the middle of summer in Raleigh, NC, and if you know anything about a summer in the South, then you know you’re gonna be hot and sticky by noon. The concert was outside so I wanted to wear as little clothes as possible but still look presentable (shorts and a tank weren’t gonna cut it for the Queen!). So like I always do when I want something unique I headed to the internet, and after a few hours of searching, I found the perfect jumpsuit. It was simple: sleeveless, black, and 100% cotton. Pairing it with my wide-brimmed black fedora was exactly what I needed to keep cool the whole night. That night I danced and screamed the lyrics to every song through the heat, and the evening thunderstorm that followed. Through it all, I was cool, comfortable and stylish.

Do you remember a few years ago when the “RompHim” came out? They came in all types of different patterns and prints and were marketed as a romper for men. But the truth is one piece outfits have never been gender specific. Guys have been rocking jumpsuits and onesies for decades for both work and leisure. From the blue-collar mechanics and yardmen in their Dickies suits and overalls to the hip-hugging bell-bottomed unitards worn by funksters and disco clubbers of the 70s, the jumpsuit has always been in vogue. And why wouldn’t we wear them? They’re so easy to coordinate and super comfortable too.

(accessorizing in my "little black jumpsuit")

Just like a woman’s little black dress, my “little black jumpsuit” is my go-to when in a style crisis. The neutral color and classic silhouette allow it to be mixed and matched endless times. I’ve worn it to the club, dinner with friends, and as a Halloween costume with all kinds of shoes, and accessories. Statement necklaces and belts work great with it; a boss fedora or leather baseball cap truly set it off. But I didn’t stop there. I now have a growing collection of jumpsuits for all occasions. Khaki with shorts for the summer, light blue and belted for spring, and one that looks straight from a 90’s Cross Colours ad (complete with colorful patches and parachute legs).

(an ever growing collection of one pieces)

With spring fast approaching I’m searching for a new one to add to the collection.

Wonder what I’ll find next?

Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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