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#My7Things: The Backpack

When “secure the bag” they're definitely talking to me! I won't hear anything otherwise.

But honestly, truly, I really love bags of all kinds: backpacks, satchels, messengers, totes. I’ve even been known to sport the occasional fanny pack, though I prefer the classic “side of hip” over the new wave “across the chest” placement. My obsession started back in grade school when I would pick out a new backpack every year. As a kid, I definitely would run through those things like water. I never cared for the character backpacks even though I always had a cartoon character lunchbox. I preferred dark colors like navy and black that matched with the one of three color uniform shirts I chose each morning for school. (I was definitely THAT kid).

(above) Little StreetKat: Schoolin’ life in 1st grade

Fast forward through middle school circa 2003 and rolling backpacks became popular. Good idea, but terrible execution. While it helped relieve the strain on my back from the growing amount of textbooks I cared, mine didn’t last through first quarter before the wheels started falling off and holes formed in the bottom. So, I went back to the old standard: a red L.L. Bean backpack with grey straps and my initials “D.E.A” embroidered on the front. When I tell you L.L. Bean is quality I mean it cause I still have all of my bags from that time. That bag carried me all the way to high school where I switched up to carrying messenger bags. In college as an art major I almost felt that I OWED it to myself to up my bag game. I was studying to be a creative professional so why not look the part? I started carrying canvas dipped Jack Spade totes (Marshall’s had them for the low) and even a vintage suitcase here or there from my grandpas closet (great for carrying art supplies).

My favorite bag at the moment is this dope brown leather backpack I received for Christmas from my parents. It’s from Wilson’s Leather and is super soft yet sturdy with a vintage patina giving it that worn-in look. When I took it out the bag I was hit with that fresh leather scent much like when you get a new pair of sneakers straight out the box, and immediately I was in love.

It’s the perfect mix of casual and professional and its goes with me from the office to studio and everywhere in between. It really makes me feel very metropolitan and like a badasss.

When I strut into work with my shades on, tea in hand and my black biker jacket I get a taste of what it must be like to be Anna Wintour... well, almost right?

Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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