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#My7Things: The Disco Top

Ever since I can remember I’ve had an obsession with sequins and things that sparkle. My favorite book as a kid was The Rainbow Fish: the tale of a fish with the shiniest and brightest scales in all the ocean. He was the envy of everybody because of his beauty, but he learned how to use it for good by sharing some of his beautiful scales with the other fish. At a young age I identified with that story, but not because I was the most beautiful fish in the ocean (or my elementary school for that matter), but as a shy kid I always had a problem coming out of my shell, a theme which has been relatively consistent even into adulthood. It was the Rainbow Fish’s confidence and sense of self that attracted me to the story. I eventually found my confidence by expressing myself through fashion and just like that Rainbow Fish, I want to share that beauty with others by helping them express themselves as well.

(The Rainbow Fish: the inspiration for this look)

Each piece in #My7Things brings out a different part of my personality. So when I found this sequined top at a vintage store in Atlanta last spring, it called to my innermost disco divo. The black and gold sequins, harlequin pattern and t-shirt silhouette resonated with my deepest part of my soul.

Living Disco Ball

Picture me wearing it on a hot summer night at Studio 54 circa 1977, bumping shoulders with Warhol and Diana Ross while wildly dancing to the sounds of Sylvester and Donna Summer. I’m convinced I was a regular attendee of the NYC disco scene in my former life. I’d honestly take the thumping basslines and 10-minute long dance tracks of Earth Wind & Fire, Chic and Sister Sledge over most of today’s music. *sigh* Where are we at with those time machines though!?

Since it’s such a unique piece I’ve only worn it a few times but I honestly just love looking at it in my closet each day. Sometimes I’ll wear it around the house and play some music when I’m feeling down just to put me in a better headspace.

Am I wearing it as I write this post? Maybe.

Clothes can have a profound effect on your mood if you give them a chance...

Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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