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"OITNB: Homecoming Lookbook"

Last weekend I had the chance to return “home” to my alma mater North Carolina A&T for a little something we call GHOE; the Greatest Homecoming On Earth! The fall NC weather was in full effect with temperatures transitioning from the 50s to mid-80s by kickoff at 1pm. Add in the INTENSE humidity and you’re going to need to touch up that wig before hitting the nightlife!

But despite the weather, my style stayed intact. I hit up three parties (one day party, two nighttime parties) between Friday and Saturday, in addition to the football game and yard.

The color palette for the evening was orange & black, and I mixed and matched pieces to create two distinctive nighttime looks.

Check out my Orange Is The New Black Homecoming LookBook below:

YARD WORK:ISSA VIBE” tee shirt from my clothing brand Out The Prism Clothing Co., Levi jeans, Palladium shoes, faux leather baseball cap


  • Vintage fedora

  • Custom DIY lace-up shirt

  • H&M pants


  • Vintage kimono & fedora

  • ASOS jumpsuit

  • Steve Madden shoes

Until next year GHOE!!

- Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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