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Style Play: Ladies Only (plus Drake)

This week in Style Play it's al about the ladies. From Ashanti to Halsey, these women are serving up flawless looks and female power anthems. Here's your most Stylish Music Videos for the week of 4/8/18:

- Meghan Trainor “No Excuses”

- Ashanti “Say Less”

- Janelle Monaé “PYNK”

- Halsey “Alone”

No Excuses

Meghan Trainor isn’t playing in her video for “No Excuses”. Essentially, this is her way of telling a dude “you got me f**ked up” in the catchiest most danceable way possible. Her videos are always bright, colorful and just overall fun. She looks great in her pastel and sequin outfits and the song is a definite bop for the summer.

Say Less feat. Ty Dolla $ign

Say what you want, but Ashanti has been having a moment lately. One look at her IG page and you’ll see why. On her new single “Say Less” she lets you know if it ain’t about the money then she ain’t trying to hear it. The rumors, drama and pettiness of the industry can’t hold her back and she’s still on top.


Pink pants that look like lady parts: ✔️

Tessa Thompson: ✔️

Girl Power Anthem: ✔️

I her so much.

Alone feat. Big Sean, Stefflon Don

How many of us have ever felt completely alone in a crowded room because the person we want isn’t there? This is a definitely a different sound and look for Halsey. Vintage soul sounds and Halsey’s raspy voice mix really well. The fact that the whole conflict between she and her ex lover happens in a Gatsby-esque masquerade ball was enough to draw me in from the beginning. But did we know Halsey was holding that much body though in that jumpsuit? Yes ma’am!

Honorable Mention:

Nice For What feat. Big Freedia, 5thward Webbie

Issa Rae, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gina Rodriguez, Yara Shahidi...just a few of the celebrity cameos in Drake’s video for “Nice for What”. And honestly these ladies owe nobody ANYTHING! They are all successful and bosses in their own right and Drake recognizes that. What could be better than rapping about girl power over a Louisiana bounce version of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor”...nothing, that’s what.

Check out the YouTube playlist of all the videos HERE. Which one is your favorite?

Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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