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TAWKs is a series unique to TheAlleyKatWay that is dedicated to exploring creative minds and influencers in music, fashion, and culture. A play on the word “talks”, TAWKs is all about the act of conversation and the exchange of dope ideas.

For the inaugural episode, I caught up with Charlotte-based rapper and artist NiGE HOOD who has been blazing trails with his unique brand of music which he calls “Folk Rap”. A personal friend of mine, NiGE was the first person I interviewed when I began blogging in 2013.

In Part 1 of this two-part interview, NiGE takes us through his closet showing off some of his favorite pieces, sick collection of coats and boots, and introduces us to his “formal yet thrifty” style.

View Part I and Part II below!

Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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