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With a Unique Flair...

In this crazy world, it's good to seek out a community of people with like minds and interests that you can find common ground with. This is all the more true in the online landscape of things as well. Growing up as a young, fashion-focused black man it was often challenging finding others who were interested in the same things as me. While my friends were playing video games and getting into Harry Potter, I was drawing statuesque models and reading Ebony, Essence, and GQ.

When I decided I was going to seriously pursue a career in fashion as a writer and stylist, I scoured the web to find other black men that were doing similar things successfully. I craved that sense of community, to know I wasn’t the only one. Here are some of the fashionable counterparts I’ve come across that are doing it up in a major way. Whether through designing, modeling, content creation, or just being unique as fuck, these men are fearless and fashionable in their own way and celebrate what makes them unique.


The King of Manic Panic. We simply don’t see enough men, black men particularly, experimenting with their hair the way Spaz does. Pastels, patterns, color-blocking…name a color combination and he’s done it or it’s on his list to try next. The NYC based photographer and content creator is leading the charge of self-expression through hair with his ongoing project Boys With Colored Hair, celebrating men with hair as varied and vibrant as their own skin. *calls my hairstylist* “Soooo yeah, about me going full on ginger next week!”


Pow Jones: @powjones

This dude’s style is INSANE, and I mean that in the best way possible! As a designer based in NYC, Pow lives life with charisma and his signature “#bigbootyenergy” in abundance. His style blurs the lines of masc and femme, profane and holy, vanilla and kinky. He can often be found striking poses and stealing spotlights with best friend B. Hawk (@bhawksnipes) all around the city. Whether in a custom silk jumpsuit, full kimono or assless leather chaps, he is unapologetic and fearless with no signs of slowing down.


Randy Bowden Jr.: @randybowdenjr

You may recognize Randy from BET’s hit reality series Hustle in Brooklyn where his daily life as a model, influencer and rising music artist is chronicled each week. Randy has been making waves on runways and ad campaigns for some time now. Along with curating a killer IG feed, he is one-half of the power couple #TheGuaps with his partner Marco. His recent modeling contract with State Management is just the beginning of more hustle from Randy in years to come.


Kelvin Davis: @notoriouslydapper

I first came across Kelvin a couple years ago after seeing him in a campaign for the clothing brand Chubbies and have been a devoted follower ever since. Through his blog and IG feed, Kelvin promotes confidence and body positivity in the men’s fashion industry, challenging what is deemed as the “ideal male body”. He’s also a published author, and his book Notoriously Dapper is a modern gentleman’s guide on living life with panache. Now as a new ace for GAP, Kelvin is definitely killing it and I’m especially proud to see somebody else from the Carolinas (he hails from Columbia, SC) making waves in this industry.


Demetri Hill: @demetridoesit

The Louisiana-based content creator whose outfits are the perfect mix of “something slight” and “so you just gonna STUNT stunt huh?”. A teacher by profession, Demetri drops subtle style lessons with each post, like how to take a plaid suit from formal to functional, and the power of a neutral color palette in making a bold statement. Ripped denim, a variety of boots, and layered tops galore round out his effortless fall/winter style. What you got for the summer, bro? Guess we’ll wait and see.


Steven Christopher: @stevenchristopher

Steven Christopher has the model good looks, smooth voice and swag to earn that coveted poster spot on your bedroom wall (assuming you still have posters). The LA based singer has that laid back Cali swag with a vintage sensibility seen through the way he mixes patterns and textures. He could have easily been a major mover in the early 2000s, but he’s making his own way in this millennial world. Oh and did I mention, dude is major skincare goals? Yeah, so there's that...

Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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