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Most Stylish Videos

I love music and I love music videos even more. I'm always watching for style inspiration or to see what the latest trends are, and music artists are usually the first to have them. Here are my top Most Stylish Music Videos for the week of 4/1/18:

- MNEK “Tongue”

- Sammie “Expiration Date”

- Janelle Monae “Make Me Feel”

- Tinashe “Me So Bad”

MNEK: "Tongue"

British artist MNEK is known for his unique voice, songwriting ability, and creative music videos and his latest effort “Tongue” is no different. When’s the last time you’ve been to a dinner party like this? Look how stunning everybody in this video looks; from the party guests and dancers to MNEK and his love interest. MNEK only rocks two looks throughout the whole video, but both make a statement: a red shirt with lacy details and a denim jacket, and a hot pink two-piece set with white sneakers (which I need in assorted colors).

His love interest (model Mikey Boats) plays it Parisian cool with a black turtleneck, black beret, and suede vest in a wine color (and is that glitter on those eyebrows?!) MNEK’s debut album drops sometime this year. Put me on the guest list for the album release party!

Sammie: "Expiration Date"

You can never go wrong shooting a music video in the snow. The crisp white of the landscape makes colors appear more vibrant and focuses all the attention on the foreground. Sammie has grown tremendously as an artist over the past decade and reinvented himself since we first saw him during his “I Like It” days as a preteen.

His new single “Expiration Date” from 2017's Coming of Age explores the darker side of relationships and is about realizing your time with the one you love is coming to an end. Sammie moves like a shadow following his old lover around the city regretting the time that has passed since their breakup. Naturally, he’s dressed in all black and layered for the weather but looks oh so cool doing so. Who says heartbreak can't be fashionable?

Janelle Monae: "Make Me Feel"

Everything about this video for "Make Me Feel"amplifies the song even more. The visuals ooze with 80s nostalgia and Prince “Kiss” vibes with Janelle Monáe putting her own spin on things experimenting with bold outfits like sheer rose appliqué pants and chainmail bra. Forever androgynous and fearless, Monáe shares some sexy scenes with her smoking hot costars, one of whom is Tessa Thompson (Dear White People, Thor: Ragnarok).

No word on the identity of the male lead, but I'm sure this isn't the last we'll see of him! The song is being hailed as a bisexual anthem by many as well. While Janelle Monáe will always rock her signature black and white, it’s nice to see her trying clothes that match the vibrant energy of her personality and music. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this when her Dirty Computer album drops this month.

Tinashe: "Me So Bad"

Hot track for summer: check. Rolling hips: check. “Clueless” era tennis skirt: check. This song is pure fun and it looks like Tinashe is having lots of it in the video for "Me So Bad" from her upcoming Joyride album. She really serves blonde bombshell/pin-up tennis girl well (look at how that old man is staring). Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana add a nice aesthetic to the video as well.

Ty is country club chic in a polo shirt, white pants and white sneakers, while French keeps it OG player in a fur coat. While she may like to experiment with her sound, Tinashe always harkens back to her dance roots and chilled LA style when it comes to fashion: crop tops, pink bralettes, baggy sweatsuits, and raw sex appeal. Joyride drops later this month and is sure to be just what the title suggests: wild and carefree.

Check out the YouTube playlist of all the videos HERE. Which one is your favorite?

Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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