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#My7Things: Black Fedora

Well it’s here. The end to the week of my favorite things. Where did the time go?!

Much like my blue porkpie, this black fedora is a staple in my wardrobe. I bought it at the time the big fedoras were coming back in style and all the rappers and fashion royalty were wearing them. I distinctly remember waking into the store saying “I want one of those Future hats”. I ended up with three.

What I like about this hat is it’s smooth, simple, and sophisticated. The brim isn’t too wide and it’s made out of sturdy black felt that’s just getting better with age. I look for versatility in my accessories, so the fact that I can dress it up or down effortlessly makes it the perfect topper to any outfit.

(Versatility is Key: The many looks of the black fedora)

Whether I’m channeling Inspector Gadget or an urban cowboy, I always stay classic!

Sincerely, D.A.K.A


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