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2019 Grammys

Alright, so I honestly wasn’t thrilled with last night’s Grammy Awards for a few reasons. I’m not sure what’s happened to the production quality of these award shows but they have steadily lost their magic over the past few years. I used to be excited for “Music’s Biggest Night” to see who the opening performer would be, the theatrics on the stage, the presenters outfits, and the heated moments leading up to the coveted “Album of the Year” award. Alicia Keys hosted this year and while she looked great, I wasn’t focused in at all. I half way watched the performances and some of the award choices were...questionable.

There were times that the show seemed off and that the flow wasn’t correct. I understand that sometimes you have to regroup if a presenter doesn’t show or a performance goes awry, but a lot of moments seemed forced and awkward. Such as Katy Perry performing for Dolly Parton’s tribute: an awkward choice compared to that of Miley Cyrus and Kacey Musgraves who have backgrounds in country music (also, Dolly is Miley’s godmother). What was the need for Katy in that space? Diana Ross looked amazing as she celebrated her upcoming birthday at the awards. While I’m glad she is still glowing at age 75, I wished she had performed a different song or had somebody do an actual tribute to her instead. While we’re on the subject, Berry Gordy looked none too pleased at the Motown Tribute headlined by JLo. Why do we keep asking her to do things like this?


But enough about that, we’re hear to talk about the red carpet style!

What I have noticed over the years is that what artists decide to wear is becoming more unique and individualistic. One can usually tell the theme of the evening or what the popular seasons trends are based on what is worn. But there was such a wide array of styles being worn that there was no set mood. There were wide brimmed hats sported by JLo and Ben Harper, while others chose accented shoulder pads like Megan Trainor and Janelle Monáe. Ruffles and tulle galore on ChloexHalle and Ella Mai, and western vibes from Post Malone and Leon Bridges.

Click through the gallery below for some highlights from last night:


Alicia’s Looks


Winners & Attendees


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